The Highs and Lows of the Bangalow Palm

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Palms are beautiful plants that add to any garden or indoor space creating a tropical lifestyle. There is a variety of palms to choose from and each has its highs and lows.

One of the more popular palms in Australia is the Bangalow (Archontopoenix cunninghamiana).  The plant has bright green leaves and a thin trunk, making it seem that the leaves are too heavy or big for the trunk below.  It provides a comforting canopy and a decent shade against sunlight.

There are some purposes that the Bangalow will be excellent for and some where it will fall short.


If you're looking for a towering addition to your garden, the Bangalow palm is an ideal choice.  If grown in ideal conditions, this plant can grow up to 25 metres and several metres wide at the top.  The trunk is only a foot wide and slightly larger at the base, making it possible for you to plant other complementing flora beside it.

The Bangalow palm is also one of the fast-growing types of palms so you won't have to wait very long to see it progress into a palm fit for a tropical lifestyle

The roots of this plant are shallow, making it safe to plant near buildings or drainage pipes without the risk of the roots "attacking" the establishments.  It can also be planted along side each other in a row as in a street or driveway as long as there is space between the Bangalows to allow for good circulation. 

If you reside in a location with a cooler to moderately cold climate, the Bangalow will be perfect in your garden. It tolerates cold temperatures better than some palms making it cold-hardy. When young, the plant will thrive with partial sunlight exposure but will need full exposure when older and taller.

Compared to other palms, the Bangalow is a low-maintenance plant. It sheds and removes dead leaves by itself, eliminating the need for regular pruning.

If you want a truly tropical feel in your garden, the Bangalow should be your choice. Just make sure that you have enough space for it to grow to its full towering height in order to truly appreciate this Australian beauty.


Although relatively easy to maintain, the Bangalow is also a notorious water guzzler. It needs a lot of water and a lot of moisture in its soil in order to stay healthy.  If you live in a warmer city, you'll need to pay extra attention to its water requirement.

Hot and high temperatures affect the Bangalows growth.  They do not do well in excessively hot environments.  If you experience dry and blistering heat during the summer, make sure that your plant gets enough water daily to help it survive.  It may experience sunburn and browning of the leaves if the sunlight is too intense.

Because the Bangalow Palm has large heavy fronds, beware of them being blown off in strong winds. Spider mites are the enemies of the Bangalow if not properly cared for.  If the draining of the soil isn't optimal, root rot can also occur. It's easy to avoid these common problems by eliminating weeds in the area, removing infested plants and watering regularly.


The Bangalow Palm is one of the favourites of establishments that aim to adopt a tropical environment in their space.  This plant is a member of the Australian rainforest environment from central QLD to almost Victoria and it forms a lovely backdrop to a domestic rainforest garden 

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