Keeping Your Foxtails Disease Free

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The Foxtail is a very durable self-cleaning palm. Its trunk sheds old bark when a strong breeze passes through making it easier for you. Nevertheless, you should still ensure that it has everything it requires in order to avoid diseases and stunted growth.

Avoid harmful caring habits

Although the Foxtail can endure cold temperatures, too much temperature drops will affect its growth and will make it more susceptible to diseases. If you have a Foxtail Palm indoors, ensure that the air-conditioning temperature is not too low.

Over-watering can also bring some diseases. Brown spot fungal infections can occur when overhead watering or regular sprinkling is done. Water the plant as much as possible only when the soil is dry as Foxtails don't like too much moisture.

Make sure that your pots and soil have good drainage to let the water seep through.

Also avoid restricted spaces. Put your Foxtails in a well-spaced environment with enough sun exposure to improve circulation.


To avoid fungal infections and diseases, make sure that your Foxtail is getting enough nutrients from the soil.

This plant is prone to iron and potassium deficiencies placing it more at risk to disease. In order to counteract this, make a habit of adding slow-release fertilizers that address this issue.

Add fertilizers once to twice a year only. Over fertilizing your Foxtail would be harmful to its growth. Ask your local palm or gardening expert for the best fertilizers for your plant and garden.

A healthy and well-balanced soil will increase your Foxtail's defences against common palm diseases. Before planting your plant, acquire some knowledge about the nature of the soil you're using.

As mentioned earlier, overwatering is the most common cause of Foxtail diseases. Know the correct balance of when and how much to water your plant at a given time.

Complement your Foxtails

Your Foxtail will thrive extremely well if you keep it in an environment where the temperature, water, sun exposure and soil quality complement each other and help provide your plant with everything it requires.

If you're planting your Foxtail in a garden then place it in a space where it complements the surrounding plants.

Different plants have different water and soil requirements.  If the Foxtail is placed near a plant that requires frequent watering, the palm may develop fungal infections from overwatering.  Place your Foxtail with similar plants that have the same basic requirements to make sure that its environment won't trigger any instability.  If you have a bank or raised area that needs a plant to improve the look, then a Foxtail is suited to this dry and well-drained location, while other palms are not.

It's easy to care for a Foxtail Palm.  It is a low-maintenance plant that lifts up the spirits in any garden or home.

Just follow the simple steps in keeping your Foxtail healthy and it will grow up to be a magnificent palm that will not require too much of your time.

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