Foxtail Palm

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Foxtail Palm
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  • Foxtail Palm
  • Foxtail Palm
  • Foxtail Palm
  • full grown foxtail palm
  • around 8 to 10 years old


Tall, single trunked palm, drought tollerant, short feather-like fronds

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Foxtail Palm - Wodyetia Bifurcata This palm grows naturally on exposed gravel hilltops on Cape Melville on Cape York, North Queensland. Revealed to the world in 1978 by an Aboriginal named Wodyeti, the Foxtail has now become a very popular palm. It grows 10m tall with a grey trunk and attractive "foxtail" feather-like fronds. This palm is self-cleaning (dropping old and dead fronds to the ground); this palm likes full sun but can grow in the shade. Good drainage is essential for this palm as it dislikes a soggy root mass. It grows naturally in a tropical climate in gravel soil with a prolonged dry season and therefore dislikes over watering. The Foxtail can tolerate moderate salt spray and a moderate frost; this being said would grow in Melbourne, Canberra and Western Sydney in a protected location despite being a tropical palm. It has large seeds with white flowers, this palm is unarmed making it safe and easy to handle.



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