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Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Palms, Palms, Palms here are a few things you may not get told at a nursery. There are over 25000 species of palms that grow in tropical, subtropical, and warm temperate climates around the world. Over 50 of these are found to grow in Australia. They are extensively throughout Australia including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane widely used in landscaping due to their exotic appearance and can make any garden atmosphere cool and relaxing, much like a tropical paradise.


Palms that will grow in Melbourne have to  tolerate frost and  acute changing weather conditions, Melbourne has a moderate climate but also known for its occasional days of extreme heat and  frosts. This is mainly due to Melbourne's location situated on the boundary of the very hot inland areas and the cold southern ocean.

Palm trees that will do well in Melbourne are:


There are a wide variety of palms that grow in Sydney’s temperate climate, with its warm summers, mild winters and rainfall spread throughout the year. The coastal suburbs are moderated by their location; the inland western suburbs have a more extreme temperature range. In winter, temperatures rarely drop below 5 °C, July being the coldest month, with an average range of 8.0–16.2 °

Here are some common palms that suit Sydney and surrounding coastal areas:


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