8 Things about Greenhouse Gardening for Palm Trees

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Greenhouse gardening has been around for quite some time now and there are plenty of debates on whether a controlled environment would truly help a plant grow to its potential height versus leaving it in its natural environment or planting it outdoors.

There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to growing palms in greenhouses. Here are some notable things to consider in greenhouse gardening:

Greenhouses can provide a controlled environment that gives the palms their basic requirements.

The temperature, light and humidity are some of the things that can be controlled in a greenhouse. Being able to maintain a stable and suitable temperature all year round will benefit a palm greatly especially in places that experience harsh winters. Shade cloth will reduce the suns summer intensity; a medium density of 70% is normal. Plastic film can be added for controlling moisture content.

It will be hard to contain a pest infestation in a greenhouse

Palms by nature aren't beset by too many parasites and insect enemies but when pests do strike in a greenhouse, they are much more ravenous and quickly spread. Because the environment in a greenhouse is excellent for plant growth, it is equally advantageous for pests.

To avoid six (or eight)-legged nuisances, ensure that every plant that enters the greenhouse is healthy and pest free. Other preventative measures include spraying the palms, giving the plants good air circulation and spacing between each other to avoid rapid spreading of infestations.  If an infestation occurs put the infected plants in quarantine and consult your local nurseries for advice.

Weed problems can be alleviated by plastic ground covers

Weeds are a common problem among gardens. In greenhouses however, the amount of weeding that needs to be done decreases when using plastic ground covers.

If weeds are free to grow they could over whelm the palms inside. Weed matting can be used in the garden but is not to everyone's liking.

Fertilizing systems can greatly help make fertilizing more efficient

If you're a gardening enthusiast, you may have heard of the injector system for fertilizers. This system basically proportions the fertilizers that will be received by each plant, eliminating the need to fertilize one at a time.

This is a cost-efficient way to fertilize your palms.  It is usually installed through the irrigation system with a split valve for the fertilizer. Many palm growers make use of this system in order to save time and still be able to give the plants the nutrients they need. Other chemicals like insecticides and fungicides can also be sprayed through the overhead sprinkler system.

Starting a greenhouse can be tricky and difficult for some people but with proper research and planning, you can have your own greenhouse ready for operation in no time. Palms do well in their younger years in greenhouses, giving them everything that they need in order to grow healthy and tall in the unpredictable outdoors.

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